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Creative Metropoles?

What is Creative Metropoles?

Creative Metropoles is a pan European project looking at the creative industries across 11 mertpolitain cites, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Birmingham/Wolverhampton, Helsinki, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius and Warsaw.

The three year project aimed  to target local government, policy makers  and creative industry stakeholders and is expected to result in a more focused and efficient public support system for creative industries across Europe.

Focus groups were held all across Europe were creative industry practitioners could come together and exchange experiences of working within the creative industries in their city and to find out how each City can support each other moving forwards in European wide Creative Industries network.

What happened in Wolverhampton?

Throughout March and April 2010 a series of study groups came together to discuss the current state of the Creative Industries in Wolverhampton. The groups we made up of representatives from:

Wolverhampton City Council
Wolverhampton Partnership
Wolverhampton Development Company
Wolverhampton City Centre Company
Advantage West Midlands
Light House Media Centre
University of Wolverhampton
Wolverhampton Science Park
City of Wolverhampton College
Wolverhampton Grand Theatre
Newhampton Arts Centre
Wolverhampton Community Radio

and other participants representing the creative industries in areas such as:

Visual Arts
Digital & Social Media
Music production

The groups discussed the Creative Industries in Wolverhampton as well as what the City was like as a place.

The final report on the outcome of this study has yet to be presented but one of the preliminary findings was that there was a need to create a broader network of creative industry practitioners in and around Wolverhampton. A network where different groups can tap into the skills base of other creatives, exchange knowledge and support each other with projects.

This is where Creative Wolverhampton comes in. We hope to kick start that process by becoming a online hub for the creative industries in Wolverhampton, an information exchange for all creatives in our city to share news on projects and to be able to exchange ideas and promote events.

You can read more about Creative Wolverhampton here.

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