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Filmmaker Profile: Producer of TV Series ‘Wicked’ – Caroline O’Neil

May 19, 2011

Caroline O’Neill, producer for the ever popular series of Wicked hopes to be collecting a well deserved award for Programme 8, Series 3 at this year’s Deaffest Gala Awards.

Chris the Artist - 'Wicked' S3, Ep8

Back in 2001, fresh out of uni, Caroline accidentally ended up at VEE-TV and hasn’t looked back since.  She has an extremely respectable CV with See Hear, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and E4 Music Zone being only a few of the programmes under her belt.

She cites the ‘creative process’ and ‘meeting people’ as her reasons for loving the TV industry. Caroline has an uncanny knack for finding weird and wonderful things to film, namely Christopher Sacre, who features in Programme 8.

Chris' Artwork - 'Wicked' S3, Ep8

Christopher’s art, which features sculptures made out of condoms and plaster of Paris, enticed Caroline,

“Christopher was such a character and his idea was just kooky genius”.

 This is the first time Caroline has had a programme submitted at Deaffest and she confesses she’ll be a bag of nerves on the day!

‘Wicked’ – Series 3, Programme 8, has been shortlisted for Best TV Programme at this year’s Deaffest Film & TV Gala Awards. Christopher Sacre is also supporting the festival by designing and producing the awards which will be given out on the night!

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