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Featured Creative: Julie James – Designer Maker (Jewellery)

May 5, 2011

I’ve always been a bit of ‘magpie’ when it comes to jewellery. Especially antique/vintage pieces.

After leaving my last full time job a couple of years ago,I found I had time on my hands which was great at first but then boredom set in and I needed to find something to do! Someone gave me a bag  of glass beads and I wondered what on earth I was to do with them. They were far too pretty to throw away and that’s when I started researching and discovering techniques and styles, types of beads and how they are made, kinds of fixings and settings and other bits and pieces. So I bought a few odds and ends to see what I could come up with.

I loved making stuff I could wear! One of our church ladies was holding a “Leprosy Mission” day and I offered to come and sell my jewellery and donate every penny to the cause. I really just wanted to see if there was any interest and if I could actually sell my designs. My stuff was pretty basic yet it all sold within an hour or so.

Then I experimented with different styles and people started to show real interest. I started getting requests for prices and that’s pretty much how the ball started rolling. I have sold countless pieces in the last 8 months and have been able to purchase better quality supplies and make donations to church – after all, it was only because of the Leprosy Mission Day that I am where I am now.

Most of my designs are one-offs and never get reproduced and I always know when I have hit the jackpot with an ultra trendy piece because my 16 year old daughter will hijack it before anyone else gets the chance to!

“Made2Treasure” is the name of my little jewellery design/creation “shop” because that’s what my items are! Made2Treasure!

I LOVE to see people wearing my designs, although I still have a huge problem understanding why people would want to wear something I designed and made, let alone PAY for it!

To check out my website click here…

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