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Featured Creative: Matthew Craig – Comic Book Illustrator

April 26, 2011

I began writing and drawing comics in 2001, previously a research assistant on the Human Genome Project. So a transition to the world of comic books seemed like a logical step!

After living away, I took great inspiration from my return to the Midlands. I have written everything from adult drama to zombie romance. I also have a strong line in British superheroes. I write the web comic Bostin Heroes, which brings together four strangers from across the region to defend the Black Country and beyond from giant monsters, mutant cats, and more. To view the trailer here. For more about what I do, click here….

Most of my comics can be read on or bought through my website, and blogs, news sites and podcasts have been an invaluable resource for spreading the word about my work.

I’ve attended craft fairs such as Flair at the Light House, and dedicated events such as the British International Comics Show in Birmingham, which have been a fantastic way to connect with and build up mixed audience. It is extremely rewarding, after all the long, lonely nights in front of the computer, to see the same people return time and again, year after year, to see what’s new. I have also featured Bostin’ Heroes on BBC Midlands Today!

 In 2011, ten years after my very first Hondle strip, I’m hoping to work on a number of new projects, including more Bostin Heroes stories, a girls’ sports comic, and a mid-life romance novel.

We’re always keen to hear from local artists who might be interested in illustrating a story for Bostin Heroes (or anything else, for that matter), and such parties should feel free to get in touch.

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