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Calling all metal fans to the HOME OF METAL!

March 21, 2011

“Heavy Metal was born in the West Midlands and has developed a global following matched only in Hip-Hop. It’s time to stop sneering and celebrate this proud cultural heritage…” – Daniel Trilling, New Statesman

West Midlands is the home of metal, so all you metal fans out there need to attend part of the programme and support your area as we claim our rightful place as the HOME OF METAL!

A programme of events have been put together to celebrate our claim to the title. Events will be hosted at various venues across the region: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will host an exhibition exploring 40 years of Metal! There will be exhibitions and events taking place at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Bilston Craft Gallery, The New Art Gallery (Walsall), The Public and Dudley Museum and Art Gallery.

To kick-start the season, The Public will be hosting Home of Metal, who are inviting all you metal fans to show off your memorabilia at a dedicated metal family event on the 26th March. There will be a range of activities for people of all ages, so make sure you check it out!!! And its a FREE event – get your rock on !m!

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